PVC Shutters

Shutters are a classic and elegant choice that can add value to your home. Available in Basswood, Aluminium or PVC they provide excellent insulation, light and privacy control. Shutters can be tailored and customised to fit any window size and shape.

PVC shutters have the advantage of having the same look as timber shutters and are less expensive.
They are durable, able to resist scratches as well able to resist humidity, moisture and water.

Due to the weight of PVC this option requires more panels.

Warranty: 15-year manufacturer warranty 

With a variety of shutter types Burra Blinds and Shutters is able to customize, design and install shutters that suit your décor, needs and budget.

All shutters have a tension adjustable screw allowing tension of the blades to be increased or decreased with ease.

All shutters are held in place with recessed magnets allowing the shutters to close tightly providing a clean, streamlined finish.

The 89mm blade size is the most popular choice as this fits most window sizes and shapes, allows plenty of natural light to enter the room and still provides privacy with ease.

With Basswood, Aluminium and PVC options available we will engage with you to find the perfect fit for your home.